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Louisiana Floods-Volunteers Needed

Location: Denham Springs, LA - Map It STATUS: Active

Between August 11 and August 14th more than 2 feet of rain fell across Southern Louisiana  causing widespread catastrophic flooding that has damaged over 150,000 homes. It will take several years for the region to rebuild, and it is uncertain if federal and state resources will be able to meet the vast needs of the flood survivors. Longtime BWB volunteers, Daniel Cappy and Dietrich McGaffey, have been on the ground in the Baton Rouge region gathering information about the needs of communities and providing weekly updates about how volunteers can support the relief effort.

Through 10 years of responding to natural disasters, we have learned that the most efficient, sustainable way we can help devastated communities is by partnering with local organizations who are committed to the long-term recovery effort. This allows BWB to channel its resources and the skills of volunteers into supporting the work of rebuilding well into the future after most organizations will have moved on to their next mission.

Flood damaged contents of home

Flood damaged contents of a home.


Now that we are entering month two and the major relief organizations have withdrawn, some semblance of where the initial institutional gaps are will emerge. October projects that we know to try addressing them come in the following groups:

  • Feed The Hungry. The Life Church of Walker, Louisiana, may be the only distribution center remaining in town. They have housed four burners so far who organized and delivered necessities. They also facilitate a nice kitchen space for the New Orleans-based Krewe Ulysses to prepare, package, and distribute meals on Sundays following the flood. Krewe Ulysses is entering a 501 fiscal sponsorship and may be greatly diversifying its means and methods.

  • Bury The Dead. Hundreds of caskets across Louisiana have been disinterred by the floodwaters are in a very slow-moving process for reinterrment that has multiple pitfalls along every step of the way. Kevin O’Neill has been conferring with FEMA, Homeland Security, Sherriff’s offices, and the State Attorney General’s office for a thorough understanding of where those gaps are and how he can play a role in ushering the remains to a more stable resting place.

  • House The Houseless. Bob is preparing for an Amish congregation to arrive and build post-harvest. He already has all of the finances lined up and has not specified any further material assistance needed at this time; perhaps a write-up to rally people from afield to come join other similar projects in Louisiana? There’s also HandsOn, an organization that is working throughout the expansive flood-zone to muck and gut. They require that a volunteer either bring a crew of 5 or be capable of leading a crew.  Same with United Saints last time I called them. The St Bernard’s Project was the only organization I knew placing solitary volunteers in September. In Walker, we also know Bert, Pastor Val, and Miss Joyce’s son-in-law are going out to help locals when their schedule allows. If your interest is primarily in construction, demo, and gutting, pulse with me consistently. Even with a fixed date, these organizations and individuals constantly shuffle their work-load from one week to the next based upon need, means, and work-force. Some are currently providing stipends to experienced contractors, some are providing housing, some are providing meals, and that’s difficult to predict whether they still will be in 3 weeks‘ time. There’s also the inmate labor that we’re being offered to rehab the Darlington Church but that’s almost its own category of unique.  (Read more about this HERE)

A space to camp out in Mt. Hermon Louisiana  has just been donated for volunteers.

If  you would like to volunteer, please fill out our VOLUNTEER FORM.

Check out a recent Blog Post from BWB volunteer, Dietrich McGaffey, who has been on the ground preparing and delivering meals.

  1. If you know an individual or organization that is focused upon providing relief to a historically underserved community such as people who may have disabilities, people who may not speak English as a first language, people who may not be literate, people who may live in a rural or economically distressed neighborhood, please notify us so we can prioritize supporting them.
  2. If you cannot make it to Louisiana, you can still be helping during regular business hours with our call-sheets to determine the weekly needs of the dozens of organizations supporting under-served communities.


  • Tarps
  • Generators
  • Diapers in all size (infants and seniors)
  • Baby food, baby wipes, baby formula
  • Feminine hygiene products & toiletries
  • Clean Pillows, blankets and anything people can sit on
  • Nonperishable, sealed food items to help feed volunteers and those in the shelter
  • Batteries
  • New undergarments such as bras, panties and boxers

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