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BWB NEWS 10/31/2017

They are You

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When speculation happens after a disaster, you often hear “They” used for an unknown group.  They say… They know… They built it… They will fix it… They will come help…

Who are they? In this moment?

“They” are “You”.

Some of you reading this need help.  While others can play “They” for a day.

Sonoma and Napa counties need you.

Santa Rosa needs you! Here’s Why.

A week before the fires hit NorCal, we contacted Burners Without Borders about adding EpiCubes to the BWB roster: to be used in case of disasters on the west coast.

EpiCubes are 40’ long shipping containers that were modified into housing/kitchen/bathroom/shower/storage units built to withstand conditions as harsh as the ones in Black Rock City.

and then… a mere week later – in an instant, thousands of people were without homes because of the wildfires

Our team and BWB went into burn mode and moved seven EpiCubes from Gerlach and Reno to Santa Rosa in order to provide housing for about 80 people.

It’s all coming together in the form of a place dubbed Oasis-Village. The response and support is amazing. Lots of Burner LOVE is pouring in to make this project happen. Thanks! It’s been total magic for everyone involved.

Help is still needed to fund the project and volunteers are still welcome.

Please CLICK HERE to Volunteer and learn more, and be “They” for a day.

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