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DC Commons

Location: Washington, DC - Map It STATUS: Active

DC Commons is partnering with individuals, groups and organizations located in all quadrants of the District of Columbia to foster DC unity and harness resources and talents to make a difference for our community members east of the Anacostia River. We are doing this by building community around food, sustainability, self-reliance and knowledge sharing across quadrants.

Program Description

South East DC continues to struggle with lack of development. Despite a few major building projects, SE is plagued by a lack of super markets, boarded-up and dilapidated storefronts, as well as few recreational and entertainment facilities. The impact of this poverty and lack of opportunities mostly unfolds with little attention.

DC Commons seeks to shift this dynamic. Instead of commercial building projects, we are offering community-building programs that address immediate needs and empower residents across DC to get connected get involved and make a difference.

Core Activities

  • Farmer’s Markets – Fresh produce stands stocked with products from participating farmers.
  • Local Sustainable Agriculture – Free classes on sustainable agriculture, as well as hands on training at community gardens.
  • Free University of DC – Inviting guest speakers to volunteer their time and transfer knowledge on a wide range of topics that local residents might not otherwise have access to.
  • Pop-up Spaces – Creating temporary spaces for community events: Anything from concerts and art installations to meeting spaces.


The initial phase of this project started in mid-April 2013 with the creation of our first pop-up space in support of an organization called Dream Out Loud, which brings Farmer’s Market’s to SE DC. Phase one of the DC Commons project ends on September 30, 2013


DC Commons is seeking initial funding to not only support the launch of the project but to also create momentum to eventually turn this project into a year round organization that other 501(C)(3) non-profits and foundations will want to support.

Initial costs include public space permit fees, creating a logo, setting up our website, and costs associated with rental trucks for hauling our gear from space to space.


  • The project brings healthy food to communities that need it most, creates a space for residents across DC’s four quadrants to work collaboratively and provide local solutions to local problems, and finally makes a difference for individuals in our community through knowledge sharing, empowerment, and community love.
  • Impact Goals
  • Volunteers – Engage 30 volunteers from DC including members of the Burning Man DC area community.
  • South East DC – DC Commons will promote this project at community advisory meetings and other venues as appropriate. We hope to enlist the support of 5 community leaders in SE DC.

 If you would like to get involved with DC Commons, please contact  Khady Mbaye at mbayek@gmail.com

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