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Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge

Location: San Francisco, CA - Map It STATUS: Active

“First do what it necessary. Then do what is possible. And soon you will be doing the impossible”.
– Francis of Assisi

According to a 2015 Department of Justice memo, it is considered “cruel and unusual punishment” to give citations for sleeping outdoors when cities lack viable alternatives for shelter. Yet the criminalization of homelessness is on the rise in San Francisco, which only perpetuates costly misery. Let’s follow the lead of Saint Francis, our city’s namesake, and challenge ourselves and our city to take necessary action for unhoused neighbors via the Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge.

Take action today!

Test your knowledge about the status quo of homelessness in San Francisco and sign up for advocacy and events through our online quiz: www.SaintFrancisChallenge.com.

Watch a two-minute highlight video of our first pop-up service event on January 2nd 2016 at SOMArts: 

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Our Mission

  1. Support the design and piloting of innovative approaches that increase access to secure sleep, hygienic toileting, and services for unhoused neighbors.
  2. Engage both unhoused and housed residents in meaningful action and advocacy through creative and educational messaging, videos, social media, and events.
  3. Infuse the policy of Bay Area  government and local culture with the spirit of Saint Francis.

Questions? E-mail saintfrancischallenge@gmail.com for more information.

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