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Screenprinting Program-Haiti

Location: Jacmel, Haiti - Map It STATUS: Active

BWB partnered with Jakmel Ekspresyon in 2013  to  create a first of its kind screen printing program in Haiti serving marginalized artists. After a very successful first year, we will be  expanding the program in 2014 and you are invited participate.


We are excited to announce the  first graduation for the nine members who completed the screen printing program. These members are already  earning a living from the skills they have learned. Students are also developing work with local dance groups and non-profit organizations. With Christmas around the corner this is a great time to start a business. We are so proud of everyone who took the class and the work they did. The pictures hung in the gallery are works by the artists throughout the program. They also did a live screen printing demonstration and screen printed for anyone who brought a t-shirt. It was a beautiful night for everyone.

Thanks to Ryonet Cares for donating over $70,000 in ink to this project, which will provide enough ink for $1 million t-shirts.

Check out this short video from this fabulous company, that explains more about the donation.

The Jakmel Ekspresyon Community Arts Center is an organization Jacmel, Haiti, providing local artists with space and facilities to explore various mediums of artistic expression  in a safe, non-discriminating environment. Haiti can be a harsh place for those on the margins of society. People with physical handicaps, those who identify as gender ambiguous or homosexual, as well as  women may face discrimination. At Jakmel Expresyon, everyone is welcome — and JE is devoted to providing and preserving a safe haven for these Haitian artists.

  Since then, the center has become a vital community resource. JE is run with only one paid employee; all other staff are volunteers. 

Screen printing will bring a new form of artistic expression to Jacmel, but it will also offer a new resource of revenue to the town and its resident artists. Jacmel does not currently have a local screen printing shop for publicity materials, so businesses have to travel to Port au Prince to order items such as promotional postcards or t-shirts for their staff. Screen printing would allow those businesses to spend their money locally and most importantly, provide local artists with much needed income. 

Normally,  Haitians are taught a skill by international non-profits but rarely do the they receive training in how to get a job. Finding a job, approaching a business owner and negotiating a contract  for the first time are extremely intimidating tasks. This program  walk s the members through this process and provide them with the support and tools they need to succeed in becoming employed.

The screen printing project is divided into three components, similar to semesters. Each component contains three distinct month-long classes. One artist will be chosen to teach each month-long course.

The first component is centered on graphic design, technical and conceptual elements.

The second component uses the images created in the design component to learn the  technical skills of screen printing.

The third component teaches the members how to get a job with their new skills.


We have chosen the Artists who will be participating in this year’s residency, but Jakmel Ekspresyon accepts volunteers throughout the year. If you think you would like to get involved, please send an e-mail  to projects@burnerswithoutborders.org

Thank you to all of the generous donors in 2013 who have made this project possible.

Burton Isenstein, Mike Muench, Doris Frame, Mark Herbert, Steve Raden, Eleonara, Dominique Kalata, Nick Cannell, Jennie Kay, Michael F, Lea Goodsell,  Haz Matt, Wayne Hoy, Rachel Glaves, Schendle Decker, Julia Whitelaw, Nick Prince, Duncan Lowis, Sue Gemmell, Omayra Ortega, Kathy Tu, Hannah, Cathy Diebold, Haydee Hariis Valdez, L.A., Teodosio, Fez Monkey, Annie Prichard, Carol Conrad, Ron Halbert, Jean Fracois Gauthier,

Oly Mingo, Alex Kass, Dianna Rice, Ashlynn Manning, Monika Roy, Elena Zykova, John Mack, Alex, Kristen, Sara Koeff, Laura Herlands, Holly Christiansen, Sean Donovan, Jill Duran, Susan Page, Bearett Quast, Kalman Spelletich, Gabriel Van Houten, Heather White, Teri Bennett, Harley Dubois, Jeff Zelnio, Ian Briggs

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